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13.05.2014 15:41

CERAGES is a Portuguese OVENWARE manufacturer of Stoneware products such as dishes for Oven, Microwave and Freezer. We have two manufacturing facilities in Portugal, and we produce 100% for export.

At the moment we supply chains such as Sainsbury, ASDA (Wall Mart Group), Matalan in England, ARC Pyrex in France, COOP in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, MAKRO in Spain, etc…

Russia is a market that we selected has our next priority to sell our products. It is a new market for us and we know that most of the major International Chains such as Auchan, Carrefour, Ikea, Hyperglobus, Magnet, Lerroy Merlin, etc… are operation in Russia. We would like to be able to find customers in Russia due to our existing experience within this business.

Saying this, knowing from background how the Russian market works, we would like to identify a partner to bring our products and introduce them to potential customers such as the ones mention above. We would like to know if you could help us in identifying an Agent or an Import Russian Company already familiar with our business. And don’t know if you have a list of Agents or Importers that we could have access to in order to establish contacts.

Portugal is one of the leading world producers of CLAY as a raw material for this type of product. Our quality is well known through the world. On the other hand, Portugal – Russia business relationship are well known and growing. We know Russian companies already doing business with Portugal and we think this is a complementary product in terms of transport logistics from Portugal to Russia.

If your company could help us in this matter I would appreciate an answer and thank you for your cooperation


Bruno Soares Francobsfranco@runabout. pt(351) 96 604 7970

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